全球十大赌钱软件排行 invites alums back to campus (or to virtual conversations) to spend a day conducting informal, 30-minute advising and informational sessions with small groups of students. 在这些会议中, alums share their academic and career experiences, answer student questions about their field, and provide valuable advice as an industry insider. 学生 can learn about upcoming events in 握手.


Building Confidence and Increasing Comfort in Networking

The structure of the Mentor-in-Residence program is uniquely designed to make having conversations with professionals feel more like a small group chat with like-minded friends. 有时, the easiest way to get started with networking is to realize that the process of outreach and connection doesn't have to be solitary — put differently, 在群体中建立人际关系是很好的! Through the Mentor-in-Residence program, one alum typically meets with small groups of up to 4 students at a time for 30-minute chats over the course of an afternoon. The program aims to build student comfort and confidence networking alongside peers while still getting individualized attention from an alum.

Past Mentors-In-Residence Have Included:

Dr. Alina Siddiqui, 18岁: Resident physician at Mount Sinai Hospital where she is training to become an anesthesiologist. She graduated from the Icahn School of Medicine in 2022 with distinctions in medical education and research.

奥黛丽·皮特,22岁: Marshall, Rhodes, and Fulbright recipient, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, France

Binta布朗: Founder of omalilly projects, and former Head of 操作 and Strategy at Keep Cool/RCA Records. Prior to Keep Cool, she led Chance the Rapper's recorded music & 发布操作. 通过非常规项目, Binta管理音乐艺术家, 喜剧演员, 作家和作者, and is a partner in Florida based Indie Atlantic Studios.

Dr. Jennifer Mathur '96: Clinical Director of the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) Forensic Evaluation Service of Bellevue Hospital Center and a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at New York University School of Medicine. In these roles she provides administrative oversight, 病人直接护理, 心理培训生的监督, and regularly lectures on a range of topics.

Lakshmi Sundharam, 08年: LA-based artist working in television and Media. 作家, 生产商, and consultant on several TV shows, 包括布鲁克林9 - 9, 艾美奖得主无为大师, Portlandia, 吴唐:美国传奇, 和最后一个O.G.

Ming Yi Smith '01: Federal Reserve, FedNow Product Manager. Ming Yi has worked with Federal Reserve system for the last 15 years, starting with an research assistant position, 银行主管, eventually pivoted to product and project management. 

丽贝卡·贝尔,13岁: Rebecca Baehr (BC'13) is a Director in the strategy consulting practice at EY-Parthenon, advising corporate and private equity clients across industries (financial services, 技术, 医疗保健, industrials) on many topics including acquisitions, 转换, 和事务.

丽贝卡·加勒,92届: Rebecca has worked in the life sciences and health care sectors for over 25 years in multiple disciplines including corporate strategy, 风险投资, 战略营销. As the Founder of Galler Strategic Consulting, she embeds into early-stage life science companies to brand, 筹集资金, 发射, 确保产品与市场的契合. Her current roles include Chief Marketing Officer for Genoa Ventures and Vice President of Marketing for General Inception.

蕾妮拯救瑞布林,96年: Senior Communications Specialist for The Child Center of NY, a nonprofit social impact org that works to replace cycles of poverty with cycles of opportunity in neighborhoods that face dramatic obstacles from the living legacy of racial and economic injustice. As a communications specialist for a thriving nonprofit, she gets to be creative and make a difference using all the skills she learned as an English major at Barnard!