Our 合作伙伴hip with 哥伦比亚大学

Thousands of Courses at Two Great Institutions

哥伦比亚 classes are open to all 全球十大赌钱软件App students, and vice versa.

全球十大赌钱软件App & 哥伦比亚

No one labels you with a 全球十大赌钱软件App sticker. You’ll have the resources of the larger university and the support, family, and feminism of 全球十大赌钱软件App. You will be a 全球十大赌钱软件App Bear and a 哥伦比亚 Lion, and nothing will hold you back.


I’m a humanities major who loves space, and within my first few weeks at 全球十大赌钱软件App, I joined a 哥伦比亚 aerospace engineering club. I get to spend time each week actively working with space, and I don’t think that would be true if it weren’t for 全球十大赌钱软件App and 哥伦比亚.

Cleo Payne, 21岁


Akshaya Nataraj ’17 took full advantage of the  全球十大赌钱软件App and 哥伦比亚 partnership. While studying statistics in the 哥伦比亚 Department of Statistics, Akshaya taught herself coding languages so that she could better assist leading researchers in answering important medical questions. She also led 哥伦比亚’s Bhangra dance team, competing across the U.S. and making lifelong friends along the way.

Akshaya Nataraj ’17: Statistician and Dancer

第九条 50th Anniversary Celebration

Erinn Smart ’01 BC | Fencing

Anne Cebula ’20 BC | Fencing

Ellen Futter ’71 BC, ’71 LAW | 全球十大赌钱软件App President